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If you are seeking answers through tarot, oracle, or runes, or are a spirit keeper seeking a new companion, you've come to the right place.

notice of SHOP changes

and effects of covid-19 on Orders

As I am sure you are aware, the coronavirus has had quite the effect on many small businesses, including mine. I am still open for business. I am still conjuring and doing readings. However, shipping of vessels and other physical item purchases through the shop are experiencing delays. I am still shipping them, but my trips are infrequent due to A) the current pandemic situation, and B) catching up with the backlog of orders.

In addition, on May 1st, 2020, I removed custom conjures from my shop and have switched to a preconjure-only business. Going forward, the preconjures I list will already be bound to a vessel and their companion documents ready to send immediately. This is a personal choice on my part to help me better balance my personal time. There has been an unacceptable backlog of custom orders which I am still catching up with and so I will be doing this to prevent another backlog from accumulating again in the future. Holiday reverse adoptions will still be available as usual, during the appropriate times of year. Look for a revamp of the crystals and altar tools section in mid/late July, and as always, those on Discord get the first look at new listings.

August update: I am currently almost entirely caught up on writing up custom orders as of this writing but am still in the process of completing the bindings and shipping their vessels. 

Thank you for your understanding and patience, and please remember to wash your hands often, and stay safe and healthy out there. Wishing you all blessings of health, peace, and prosperity during these uncertain times!

Essential Oils


Find the Perfect Match

Looking for a particular type of spirit guide? Let me help you find the perfect match.

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Premium Vessel Upgrades

Want something more than a basic vessel? A wide selection is available to choose from.



Are You Feeling Called?

Unsure if it's a call? Be sure to read the frequently asked questions.

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Tools for Honoring the Divine

Witchy additions to any spiritual practice. Start or add to your altar now.



Finding Your Answers

Looking for answers? Let me help provide you guidance in your spiritual journey.

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Align Your Energies

Use the energies of these stones to awaken, open, and align your spiritual senses.




Divination is the art of seeking answers to questions or the future through what is usually considered "supernatural" means. It may sound silly and hokey to some to rely on some printed cards or stones with funny shapes on them for messages, but you would be surprised how uncannily accurate those messages can be when given by an experienced reader.


My readings are designed to help you seek the truth of situations--not pretty words you want to hear. While at times the messages may be harsh, I always endeavor to do the best I can to help guide you toward the answers you need rather than the answers you want.


If you have never received a reading before, I recommend starting with a simple past-present-future oracle draw on a situation you feel "stuck" in or uncertain about, as the point of receiving these readings is for guidance.




Conjuration is the art of metaphysically summoning a spirit or entity; as used here, it means calling a being to be a companion to a person. If you are not an experienced practitioner, you can still be a spirit keeper. 

These beings come to us in the hopes of experiencing our world and taking part in our lives. You may not always know they are there, but even without conjuration, the influence of the spirit world is never far removed from this one.

Whether you are seeking help to better your practice in the metaphysical arts or are simply seeking friendship, I will assist you to find the right spirit or living entity companion for you.


For general inquiries or feedback, please get in touch with me.


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