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Divination. Conjuration. And a bit of salt to boot.

If you are seeking answers through tarot, oracle, or runes, or are a spirit keeper seeking a new companion, you've come to the right place.




Divination is the art of seeking answers to questions or the future through what is usually considered "supernatural" means. It may sound silly and hokey to some to rely on some printed cards or stones with funny shapes on them for messages, but you would be surprised how uncannily accurate those messages can be when given by an experienced reader.


My readings are designed to help you seek the truth of situations--not pretty words you want to hear. While at times the messages may be harsh, I always endeavor to do the best I can to help guide you toward the answers you need rather than the answers you want.


If you have never received a reading before, I recommend starting with a simple past-present-future oracle draw on a situation you feel "stuck" in or uncertain about, as the point of receiving these readings is for guidance.




Conjuration is the art of metaphysically summoning a spirit or entity; as used here, it means calling a being to be a companion to a person. If you are not an experienced practitioner, you can still be a spirit keeper. 

These beings come to us in the hopes of experiencing our world and taking part in our lives. You may not always know they are there, but even without conjuration, the influence of the spirit world is never far removed from this one.

Whether you are seeking help to better your practice in the metaphysical arts or are simply seeking friendship, I will assist you to find the right spirit or living entity companion for you.



For general inquiries or feedback, please get in touch with me.