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These beautiful shells are an excellent addition to any altar, or even simply for use in the home to cleanse your space through smudging. The shells serve as a bowl to catch hot cinders and hold what remains of the smudging stick after it’s burnt. The abalone shells are approximately 5" apiece, with a wooden tripod stand to hold/display the shell when not in use.


Important note: To preserve the rainbow shimmer, it is recommended you put a layer of sand in the bottom of the shell before burning any incense to prevent the shell from becoming damaged by hot embers.


Includes 2 bundles of 4" dried yerba santa smudging sticks. Yerba santa is also known as the "holy herb," and is excellent when used ritually for purification, protection, and setting boundaries. It is also useful in rituals involving the heart chakra -- for example, meditations or rituals involving beauty, empowerment, growth, and love.


Your choice of white or black feather included.

Abalone Shell and Yerba Santa Cleansing / Smudging Kit

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