For the beginning witch, or someone looking to change up their basics, everything you need to get started (save a wand or athame) is included in these altar boxes!


The altar kit is designed as a launching point for setting up your sacred space. An altar can be used for many different purposes, such as spell work, rituals, and connecting with your spirit guides. There is no right or wrong way to set up an altar, and you should set yours up in a way that resonates with you on an individual level. Your personal, spiritual altar should be what you want it to be based on your beliefs and practices. The items in this kit are only meant to get you started -- a foundation on which to build your own practice. 

Included Items:
-Purple Triple Moon Altar Cloth

-Altar Tile (Your Choice: Metal or Soapstone)

-Onyx Pendulum
-White and Black Tealight Candle
-Sea Salt

-Packet of Hand-Selected Herbs
-Selenite Wand

-Tumbled Rose Quartz

-Tumbled Amethyst

-Black and White Ostrich Feather

-Sage Smudge Torch

-Black Altar Candle + Holder
-Tumbled Hematite

-Abalone Shell + Stand
-Peacock Feather

-White Feather (Cockatoo)

-Black Feather (Raven)

-Tumbled Tiger's Eye

-Rough Citrine

Altar Kit (Large)


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