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For those seeking to enhance their workings with Hekate, Greek goddess of witchcraft and magic. Use to complement any magic involving third eye activation, psychic visions, before divination and tarot reading, during the dark moon and dark moon rituals, when engaging in dream magic and dream work, etc.


These are not made with essential oils and are not intended to be worn as perfumes. They are created from scratch in small batches with carefully selected, deity-specific, premium botanical herbal blends, and are graced with their blessings with the specific intent of ritual uses. They are a potent addition to any altar. 


Anointing oils are used in multitudes of ways to augment a practitioner's workings. Examples include:

  • Offerings
  • Candle dressing
  • Athames, charms, talismans, poppets, etc.
  • Charging a room
  • Crystals/stones
  • Altar


They have been made with the intention to be gentle enough to be skin safe, but some blends contain potential allergens such as nuts, mint, cinnamon, etc. If you note any redness, itching, or other discomfort when in use, wash off immediately. In the future you may apply directly to your ritual space, candles, or items with the included dropper in place of your bare fingers/skin.


These oils are intended for EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Never drink or apply to broken skin. 


The healing properties of the herbs and/or gemstone included in these blends have been compiled from various sources. Many of them are traditional uses of this gemstone or herb. No claims have been made about the suitability for healing or for curing diseases.


Please note that nothing in this listing should be construed as medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or cure, and that you use all crystals, stones, and herbs at your own risk. If you have medical concerns, please consult a physician.The healing properties described here have been compiled from various sources.


If skin rash or irritation coincides with the use of a crystal/herb-infused lotion, oil, or water, please discontinue use and consult your physician. Crashing Conjures are not responsible for the effects and/or consequences of any decision that you make regarding your personal use or your family's use of crystals, stones, and herbs. We do not make any medical claims regarding these oils. The information here is provided to allow the informed user to make their own decision. The information provided here has not been evaluated or approved by FDA or any other agencies of any government.

Anointing Oil: Hekate's Intuition

  • My objective is to provide you with clarity and inspiration for moving forward in the situation in which you find yourself. I deliver honesty and reason during difficult times and intuitive wisdom with a sharp insight during times of opportunity.

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