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My grandfather used to sell jewelry. This was one of the pieces I inherited from him. Though it is hard to see due to age, you can still read the "sterling" stamped on the inside of the band. Genuine tiger's eye stones. I don't know the exact origin, but I believe this piece dates back to the 1940s. I feel it is time for it to help someone else.


Tiger's eye helps you find balance by releasing fear and anxiety. It helps you to make decisions with discernment and understanding rather than being driven by your emotions.


I recommend a reverse adoption with this piece to a keeper who feels perhaps they are overwhelmed by their current circumstances and is having a hard time finding their way out. If that sounds like you, talk to me.


Select this premium vessel as an add-on for your conjure's binding!

Antique Sterling Silver Tiger's Eye Ring (Size 6/7)

  • If you are unhappy with your premium vessel, you can return it to me. Upon receipt of the returned vessel, I will refund what you spent on the vessel only, minus cost of shipping.