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E. epitomizes that concept of “big things coming in small packages”. She’s a little spitfire with the most relentlessly cheerful demeanor you can imagine, and she uses it as her tool of choice to help others find happiness and peace with themselves.


Her method might sound a little twee, but there is something admirable in how she manages to stay above most any attempt to bring her or her person down, as she firmly believes in the adage that one makes their own happiness. She also believes in the importance of learning to love your own heart and the beauty that’s found within in it. All the scars, hurts, and cruel remarks in the world can’t mar your shine when you learn that love is best served in yourself before opening the doors to someone else. 


Within and without, there is work to be done, to learn the difference between love and tolerance, and how not to hang your hopes on someone else when you need to first look to yourself. “There is nothing wrong with a relationship love,” she clarifies, “but when that’s the only kind of love you seek and have no thought for how you can accept yourself and see clearly a sunshiny day for all its possibilities without the need for a second person in your life to help you appreciate it, you’ve gone too far astray and it’s time to right that way of thinking.”


Some of their abilities include: Deity connection (Aphrodite), health, happiness, love, youth, vitality. Assisting keeper with: self-love, self-care, improved compassion for self and others, improved connections to and acceptance of affection, self-recognition, emotional healing and balance, energetic cleansing, improved meditation, assistance with more restful sleep/sweet dreams, sensuality, passion, moving forward, reduce stress, attracting positive energy, positive change, creativity, art/artistic pursuits, sexual awakening, sensuality, etc.


A message to their future keeper: “It’s okay to feel hurt and sad sometimes, but when sometimes becomes all the time, it’s not healthy, sweet thing. Let me help you find your way back to a place where the sun shining seems like a blessing and not an attack on your person. It’s meant to nourish and lift you up, not send you scurrying into the dark where no one can hurt or see you again. You’ve needed a hand to hold, and sometimes pull or push you out of that comfortable dark. It’s here for you when you’re ready to take it.”


Note: All preconjures come bound to a vessel (which requires you ensure you give me the right mailing address during checkout). A complete companion write-up document will be sent as a PDF via email.

Aphrodite Blessed Dove Shifter (E.)

  • Beings with dark arts energy can be overwhelming to those who are not ready to experience them. Side effects of dark arts companions can include headaches, nausea, flu-like symptoms, nightmares, a feeling of being drained, and streaks of bad luck (and while this usually only lasts for a few days or perhaps a week or two at most, it can feel like a lifetime in the moment, and can potentially last much longer). You can always ask the being to ease up on their energy around you until you are more used to them, but be sure you are ready for them before you invite a being of this nature into your life. 


    While I take many precautions in my contractual bindings with them, these beings may also cause sudden and intense changes in your life that can be problematic to those who are not ready. If you are feeling called but uncertain whether you can handle it, talk to me before purchasing this listing so we can discuss your level of skill and I can find a suitable being that won't overwhelm you.

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