This gorgeous, hand-carved crystal skull is made of solid African bloodstone. This exquisite, one-of-a-kind carving would make a excellent addition to your personal altar or skull family collection!


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The skull, long regarded as the very home of knowledge, wisdom, and the house of the human soul, forms a strong link between our perception of the physical vs. our perception of the etheric and spiritual. A crystal skull conveys information, it transmits energy, and it provides the power to create healing, harmony, and insight, thus becoming an invaluable spiritual ally, and an informative friend.


Crystal skulls have been revered around the world for centuries. From deep in the past when they graced the palaces of emperors, the thrones of kings, and the work places of scholars, sages, doctors, and philosophers, right up to contemporary times, crystal skulls have proven their worth to those of us that search the world for beauty, that inquire for greater knowledge, that hope to heal life's hurts, and that dare to ponder the universe.


Whether you choose to use your skull for such ordinary uses as decoration, to add to a rock/gemstone/art collection, as an investment, or as a gift, you may find it charges the atmosphere around you with a uniquely fascinating and magnetic energy.


In addition to the metaphysical properties of the stone which it was carved from, being shaped into a skull makes this crystal ideal for meditation, grounding and connection to the Earth, psychic protection, spiritual awakening, tasks which require insight (such as shadow work), and self-healing. You may even find it a beneficial guide during dream work and astral projection.


Regardless of whether you choose to use this item as a vessel, to connect with your skull, take the time to sit quietly with it sitting in the palm of your energy receptive hand. You can go into a meditative state or, if preferred, just sit quietly, allowing your mind to slow down and receive any insights. If no companion has been bound, this initial connection may reveal the skull's name to you, along with any purpose or key attributes that the skull wishes to work with you on.


You may receive visions, words, feelings, memories or insights. If you are already awakened to your psychic ability, you may receive messages or channel the skull directly, receiving its words of wisdom.




Size: 5.0"x3.8"x3.3"(131x96x84mm)
Weight: 3.1 LB (1420g)


African Bloodstone


Note that African bloodstone is not the same thing as heliotrope (standard bloodstone); this stone is sourced from Africa, and is a translucent to opaque green chalcedony with mottled red and green inclusions. The other type of bloodstone, sometimes referred to as Indian Bloodstone or heliotrope, is a bluish green to a dark green stone. It may show white chalcedony, yellow minerals and specks of highly-sought red inclusions, and may even contain some fancy jasper or moss agate.


African bloodstone is an extraordinary healer across both physical and spiritual planes. It radiates healing energy, eases trauma, brings closure and healing in emotional situations, and generally improves overall health. This gem improves not only physical wellness but also builds personal power. 


When feeling fearful or frail, bloodstone brings endurance and strength. It gives you the confidence to face challenges, instills the courage to move forward, and carries an encouraging, comforting energy. Bloodstone draws energy through the base, or root chakra, filling you with greater determination, and will increase your resilience and resolve, as well as assisting you to retain the wealth in your life.


Bloodstone also strengthens the heart, and can help raise your kundalini energy and guide fresh energies to this energy center. It will help guide you to finding a balance between caring for others and caring for yourself; so you are neither being too cold, nor being taken advantage of by others, while learning to trust your own heart and feelings. It can also help you cope with the loss of family, friends and pets, and release grief so you can move past the pain. If you are dealing with anger, blame, or resentment, meditate with bloodstone to relieve these feelings and be true to your heart once more.


This is also an excellent stone to use during crystal divination practices, though you should be aware it is best when used to consider questions of the heart and emotional wellbeing.


As an aside, bloodstone is also considered an alternative stone for those born in the month of March (instead of aquamarine) and for those of the Aries zodiac sign (instead of diamond).

Carved Large Realistic Crystal Skull: 5" African Bloodstone


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