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This gorgeous, hand-carved raven skull is natural obsidian.


PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to order this piece as a vessel, you can contact me for a special discount code to use at checkout.


Size: 3.98" / 101.2MM

Weight: 2.3oz / 64.2g




Nature's glass, reknowned for its spiritual properties in many cultures throughout history, obsidian is called the "mirror stone" for good reason--no secrets can remain hidden when it reflects back the past, the future, or even the darkest truths lurking deep in the hidden places of our subconscious. It has no boundaries or limitations, and works rapidly with great power. Ideal for shadow work, if you are ready to look that deep inside yourself, it will reveal every fear, weakness, and flaw you never before dared to face.


While brutal and direct, this dark stone also carries the wonderful power of catharsis and deep soul healing. It reveals the reasons behind one’s imperfections, and provides a clear picture of the changes needed to impel growth and resolution.


It also provides an excellent shield from negativity from all sources--the environment, from others, and even from oneself.


All forms of Obsidian stimulate healing of the emotional body, helping those who have lost their power to regain it by facing the darker side of one’s nature caused by the wounding of one’s spirit. Verbal and physical abuse, sudden trauma, grief, even events beyond one’s control can create destructive thoughts and unconscious patterns that inhibit one’s personal and spiritual growth. Obsidian exposes these wounds, and when one is ready to accept responsibility for one’s own healing, reveals the actions needed to release them. It enables one to accept who they are with compassion and to move forward.


Obsidian is an excellent tool for creating and strengthening the grounding cord that extends from the root chakra deep into the heart of the Earth, creating a solid connection that allows excess and unwanted energies to flow from the body, back into the ground to be repurposed. The physical body gains strength and stamina, and spiritual energy is rekindled in the form of security and sense of one’s own power. It often leads to independence and spontaneous leadership.


Obsidian draws one inward to the center of the Self, to the place of truth. It is a stone of integrity and deep soul cleansing, anchoring the spirit into the body to stimulate growth on all levels. It blocks harmful intentions by providing a shield for the aura, and is an excellent shamanic tool for removing blockages and debris from the past. Obsidian brings clarity to the mind, discharging confusion and constricting beliefs, and encourages exploration of the unknown. It is highly effective for expanding consciousness in the meditative state and for activating untapped abilities.


For the experienced user, obsidian is an incredible ally in meditation, taking one deep into the subconscious and providing for a clear state of detachment. It inspires an understanding of the profound silence and wisdom that can be attained through meditation and reflection. Gazing into obsidian helps regroup scattered energies, and brings inner visions of the way through problems if one relaxes and lets solutions come. 


Obsidian is also a marvelous support for expanding one’s consciousness to explore other realms with confidence and ease, and is highly effective for increasing clairvoyance and other sensory gifts when one is ready to accept them. Though this piece is not polished into a circle, obsidian mirrors have long been known to be conduits for remote viewing and communication with otherworldly entities. Often using for divining, the spiritual significance and enhancement of inner sight provided by polished obsidian cannot be denied.


Please note that, given its protective abilities, obsidian also has a tendency to absorb these negative energies, and should be cleansed under running water on a regular basis. It is also recommended to only be used or worn by one person.

Carved Obsidian Raven Skull