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PLEASE NOTE: Due to the existing workload, the wait time on all new orders is extended 2 - 4 months for custom conjures/3 - 6 months for reverse adoptions (on top of normal conjure time as noted in this listing). Thank you for your understanding and your patience.


This listing is for a custom conjuration of a living entity New Moon Seedling. This is a created seed blessed by Athena (Greek goddess of wisdom), Nyx (Greek goddess of the night), Selene (Greek goddess of the moon), and Asclepius (Greek god of medicine).


These small seedlings will start as a sprout, and flourish best under moonlight and with your attention during meditation. They are intended to be a focus object for you to plant your intentions for growth, healing, and fresh starts, embodying the strengths of the new moon energy.


As you learn and grow in your journey, your New Moon Seedling will reflect this inner growth, sprouting into a vast and encompassing tree, filled with marks of your journey and giving you a steady, guiding focus on which to plant the seeds of your new ideas and paths you wish to walk.


Through the growth of this seedling, with Athena’s blessing you will gain wisdom from your experiences as you forge forward with a greater understanding for how to approach the new. With Nyx’s blessing, you will see through the dark to the truth of your own needs, unclouded by your desires. With Selene’s blessing, with each new moon you will learn how to shed that which no longer serves to focus on your growth. With Asclepius’s blessing, you will heal from the heartache and emotional pains which inevitably follow on the heels of endings you may not have wanted to embrace.


Together, this small seedling will grow with you into a mighty, strong foundation from which to forge new beginnings—and like any plant, it will only grow if you care for it properly. They also open the door to and/or amplify your experiences with Athena, Astraea, Nyx, Selene, and Asclepius, should you choose to work with them.


Please note: This listing does not come with a write-up. Recommended to get this listing in conjunction with a Hades's Spark of Phlegethon Immortal Artifact.



For this listing, the norm will be about 1 week.



You will receive a basic vessel (such as a gemstone, piece of jewelry, etc., though you are welcome to leave a note with your preference and/or contact me if you would like to discuss upgrade options). Again, please note, there is no write-up included with this listing. If you would like to add on a charging bag, there are some customization options available here.

Custom Conjuration: New Moon Seedling

  • This listing is intended for spirit keepers of any level of experience. These beings tend to be gentler and easygoing with their companions, and not as prone to cause the side effects that can come with bindings to beings on the darker end of the arts spectrum. It does not make them any less powerful as companions--it only means that you as the keeper will be less likely to be overwhelmed by their energy/presence.

    If you have any questions or doubts, talk to me before purchasing this listing so we can discuss your level of skill and I can find a suitable being that won't overwhelm you.

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