Prefer to design your own blend, or have a particular deity in mind you’d like me to create a tea bomb for? I will be happy to work with you to create the perfect ritual blend (as long as it is a deity I am comfortable working with)! Contact me before purchase to ensure I have the right items on hand to create the requested blend.


Each of these beautiful little candy-like balls contains a bag with my own hand-selected blend of tea, as well as edible flowers, chosen for their associations with the god or goddess to which they are dedicated. They make an excellent worshiping tool to consume before or during a ritual, or just to enjoy and bask in the energy associated with these deities. They are individually hand-crafted with love, care, and devotion, to help you connect with the divine through ritual consumption.


Just add hot water, let steep as you would any tea, and enjoy!


Please keep in mind I am one person and cannot handle bulk orders at this time. These are individually hand-crafted with premium ingredients and take time and dedication to create. Maximum individual orders of 6 at a time per customer, please.

Devotional Tea Bomb: Create Your Own Blend

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