A balanced blend of mugwort and mint with a lemon-accented candy shell.


Each of these beautiful little candy-like balls contains a bag with my own hand-selected blend of tea, as well as edible flowers, chosen for their associations with the god or goddess to which they are dedicated. They make an excellent worshiping tool to consume before or during a ritual, or just to enjoy and bask in the energy associated with these deities. They are individually hand-crafted with love, care, and devotion, to help you connect with the divine through ritual consumption.


Just add hot water, let steep as you would any tea, and enjoy!


(Note these are not the only blends I plan on offering, but if you have a particular deity or blend you’d like to see sooner rather than later, feel free to let me know!)

Devotional Tea Bomb: Hekate Mugwort Mint

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