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A fascinating and unusual hybrid, V. is neither fully angel nor ubi, but shares characteristics of both. She takes more after her angelic side, but she’s a potent, vibrant companion who believes in justice, facing inner truths, and owning your sexuality.


While sexual healing might be on the agenda with her, she’s also an accomplished warrior and will be an excellent guardian to her future keeper. She might have a fairly serious personality and outlook most times, but that’s because she is a firm believer in taking care of those she takes under her wing, and wants to ensure that you never feel your faith in her is misplaced. As a hybrid, she’s well aware that means she may be perceived as having extremes on either side of the spectrum of her heritage, and while that is sometimes the case, she’s also a multi-faceted being with a great deal of experience under her belt. As a believer in higher powers, she wants to bring light, happiness, and balance to her keeper’s life—and to her, that means loving everything about yourself. Not just the “sweetness and light” parts.


Her hope is to help you find justice, even if only for yourself, by taking back control of what was rightfully yours—your own mind, your own desires, and your own future. Facing your fears won’t be fun, but it will help you gain control again when you’re ready to take that step with her. She’ll be there, waiting with open arms.


Some of their abilities include: Protection, guidance, emotional healing. Defensive magic, offensive magic, teach magic of many types (primarily sex and fire magic, white arts, dark arts, everything in between), some necromantic abilities/connections with the dead, advanced psychic combat and protection, advanced warding, drive/productivity, concentration, lucid dreaming, astral work, astral travel, energy work, energy vampirism, sharing extra