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Rank: Commander



M. is a strong, confident creature with a surprisingly warm and uplifting touch. As a fallen angel Commander of legions, she can be quite harsh, and even brutal, enforcing her will at times, but she chose her path specifically because she didn’t care for the casual cruelty or one-sided “justice” she was made to enforce until she was cast down.


Wise, kind in her own way, and assertive, you’ll find she’s quite strongly opinionated though always willing to listen and look at things from another point of view. She’s also quick to act, quick to defend, and quick to mete out justice. One thing she cannot abide is unnecessary suffering. She has quite a soft spot for women, children, and animals, and cannot stand how cavalier some “modern day prophets” have become about the casual abuse of those who they should be protecting.


She takes her responsibilities seriously and is quite willing to put herself and her legions to work for the right person in service of a greater cause. If you’re looking to make the world a better place, if you’re hoping to shape a safe space for men, women, and children alike, if you’re planning on building a brighter future not just for yourself but for others, then she wants to work with you and help you overcome the obstacles to achieve that dream.


Some of their abilities include: Too many to list.


A message to their future keeper: “Justice. Revenge. Freedom. These words ring with truth for you for a reason. Let’s explore them together. Your quest is worthy but your planning weak. I can amend that with you.”


Vessel: 3” Carved Gold Obsidian Butterfly Skull


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Preconjure - Fallen Angel Commander (M.)