The following Familiars have come forward seeking companions. I normally would not offer them as preconjures, because they are animalistic, non-verbal, simple creatures who I can't really go into great detail about as I do with most preconjures, but I know sometimes seeing a bit more about them is more encouraging than going blind into a custom conjure.


BATS: While they are all cuddly (particularly compared to the other types of familiars I conjure), these three are some of the friendliest and most outgoing I currently have available:

  • Bat #2: Palm-sized brown male. Looks like a cottonball with wings.


CATS: Please note, these cats are nothing like house cats and do not like to be touched, petted, or held. They are somewhat feral beings who serve a specific purpose for your astral space. On that note, here are some of the cats currently available:

  • Cat #1: A kitten-sized female who is probably the only Cat Familiar I have ever come across that will let you pick her up. She doesn’t like it, but she won’t revert to her natural defense against threats if you do, either. Please note that I’m not promising that she’s cute and cuddly and wants to be a lapcat—she is still very feral and it is not recommended to try to handle her.
  • Cat #2: A large tomcat with lantern-bright yellow eyes. He has one of the loudest yowls I’ve heard from one of these cats and will go after astral threats many times his size with admirable bluster.
  • Cat #3: Another tom, but he’s much quieter and operates more by stealthily hunting his prey. He likes to slink around the edges of the party to see what people are up to instead of getting his paws dirty by stepping into the thick of things.


TOADS: The most intelligent of the familiars, toads can hold (very simple) conversation, and make excellent low-level protectors.

  • Lap-sized Toad #2: He looks very similar to a cane toad; standard colors. About the size of a small dog and can easily fit in your lap.
  • Giant Toad #1: This is a Big Boi who is a lazy lump and doesn't mind being leaned on. He's a dark brownish green color and very laconic, even for one of these toads.


Please note: Each familiar in this listing comes with a very abbreviated write-up. 


Note: All preconjures come bound to a vessel (which requires you ensure you give me the right mailing address during checkout). A complete companion write-up document will be sent as a PDF via email.

Preconjure - Familiars

Familiar Preconjures
  • Beings with dark arts energy can be overwhelming to those who are not ready to experience them. Side effects of dark arts companions can include headaches, nausea, flu-like symptoms, nightmares, a feeling of being drained, and streaks of bad luck (and while this usually only lasts for a few days or perhaps a week or two at most, it can feel like a lifetime in the moment, and can potentially last much longer). You can always ask the being to ease up on their energy around you until you are more used to them, but be sure you are ready for them before you invite a being of this nature into your life. 


    While I take many precautions in my contractual bindings with them, these beings may also cause sudden and intense changes in your life that can be problematic to those who are not ready. If you are feeling called but uncertain whether you can handle it, talk to me before purchasing this listing so we can discuss your level of skill and I can find a suitable being that won't overwhelm you.


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