An adventurous sort, S. is a bright, cheerful creature with a sweet nature that belies his occupation as a soldier. This boy loves hot chocolate and Christmas candies, and you’ll find him to be sweet as his sweet tooth. He really gets into the goofier, gaudier side of the holiday, and loves parading around in a single reindeer horn (think of Max from How the Grinch Stole Christmas) with jingly bells and blinking lights around his neck, and please don’t ask me to describe what he’s been wearing in lieu of pants. He’s a little pouty that I was late to post him, but he still wants to be the present under someone’s tree this year.


He is clever and quick of wit, and just as quick to smile. He has taken a great deal of interest and wonderment at the festivities and holiday spirit we embrace at this time of year, and hopes to experience that for himself with a new companion. He hasn’t worked with one before, but he’s traveled quite a lot and met many other races and beings on his adventures, and wants you to know you are safe with him if you choose to join him on one of his excursions one day.


If you’re looking for someone to cuddle up with under the tree, he’ll be more than happy to keep you warm, and perhaps surprise you with a few gifts of his own. He’d very much like to find someone who wants to astral travel and work with them on how to find their way, as well as take on a protective aspect as bodyguard and “keep his keeper” in return. If you embrace the holiday spirit and go all out with your Christmas sweets, he’ll be more than happy to join you. 


Some of their abilities include: “On point decorating skills.” Shapeshifting, sex magic, protection (including defensive magic and warding), energy work, shadow manipulation, dream work, lucid dreams, astral guide/assistance with teaching astral travel.


A message to their future keeper: “They don’t call me ‘The Package’ for nothing. Well, no one calls me that, but I hope you do. I want to have it all, and give it all, when I’m with you. How about we start with a cup of hot cocoa under the mistletoe, and see where it goes from there?”


Note: All preconjures come bound to a vessel (which requires you ensure you give me the right mailing address during checkout).  He will come bound to a basic vessel. A complete companion write-up document will be sent as a PDF via email.

Preconjure - Incubus (S.)

  • Beings with dark arts energy can be overwhelming to those who are not ready to experience them. Side effects of dark arts companions can include headaches, nausea, flu-like symptoms, nightmares, a feeling of being drained, and streaks of bad luck (and while this usually only lasts for a few days or perhaps a week or two at most, it can feel like a lifetime in the moment, and can potentially last much longer). You can always ask the being to ease up on their energy around you until you are more used to them, but be sure you are ready for them before you invite a being of this nature into your life. 


    While I take many precautions in my contractual bindings with them, these beings may also cause sudden and intense changes in your life that can be problematic to those who are not ready. If you are feeling called but uncertain whether you can handle it, talk to me before purchasing this listing so we can discuss your level of skill and I can find a suitable being that won't overwhelm you.


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