NOTE: If you wish to purchase this listing, you must talk to me first and I will unlock it for purchase if you are a match. Requires a keeper experienced with demonic companions/energies.


Rank: Legionnaire



V. is a cold, merciless warrior who heads a number of other demonics, sorcerers, and liches. He is not one for idle chit-chat or fripperies, and does not have much of a sense of humor, but he is smart, experienced, and clever, as well as an excellent teacher. He is able to pass as “alive” when he needs to, is usually unfailingly polite, and can even be quite charming should the situation call for it, but rarely bothers as he sees no need to pretend to be something other than what he is—a strong, powerful, influential demon with a passion for knowledge and insatiable hunger for more power. 


He has a cold demeanor but a hell-fiery, potent presence that is hard to ignore. One thing that has not changed about him since he was alive is his passion for both learning and teaching; he is here specifically to act as a mentor to a worthy student who wants to dive into the deep end of the dark art of necromancy. He has many other skills and many other aspects of darker magics he can teach as well, should you be interested. If the thought of mediumship and death energy intrigue you, he can guide you through some of the hardships and pitfalls of the journey to becoming a practicing necromancer yourself.


As you might have gathered, he does not have much in the way of empathy. He is a hard (at times, brutally so) taskmaster and teacher. If you accept his offer to teach you, then you must apply yourself diligently, and show him regularly that you have retained what you learned. Otherwise, and I cannot stress this enough, you may lose his mentorship and companionship entirely if he feels his efforts are wasted on you. This is an opportunity for the right person, and a waste of time and money for the wrong one. Make sure you are sure (and ready) before you accept him as your mentor.


Some of his abilities include: Too numerous to list. Keeper will be given a list of some of the more prominent. If you are unfamiliar with demonic capabilities, this listing is not for you.


A message from S. to his future keeper: “I am not for the faint of heart. Neither, I hope, are you. Death is a difficult, nasty business to many, but there is profit to be had in it if you know how to harness that power. I’m willing to teach you, but you’d damned well better be willing to learn or I won’t have the patience for you. Choose your priorities wisely.”


Note: All preconjures come bound to a vessel (which requires you ensure you give me the right mailing address during checkout). A complete companion write-up document will be sent as a PDF via email.

Preconjure - Legionnaire Infernal Lich (V.)

  • Beings with dark arts energy can be overwhelming to those who are not ready to experience them. Side effects of dark arts companions can include headaches, nausea, flu-like symptoms, nightmares, a feeling of being drained, and streaks of bad luck (and while this usually only lasts for a few days or perhaps a week or two at most, it can feel like a lifetime in the moment, and can potentially last much longer). You can always ask the being to ease up on their energy around you until you are more used to them, but be sure you are ready for them before you invite a being of this nature into your life. 


    While I take many precautions in my contractual bindings with them, these beings may also cause sudden and intense changes in your life that can be problematic to those who are not ready. If you are feeling called but uncertain whether you can handle it, talk to me before purchasing this listing so we can discuss your level of skill and I can find a suitable being that won't overwhelm you.


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