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O. is a bright, exuberant presence who adores human company. She’s sassy, full of humor, and easily excitable. Her zest for life is really something to behold.


Her memories might come across as a little jumbled around, as is how she shares them, but she’s got a very charming way of bringing an “oh yeah!” moment into a conversation to compare her previous experiences with the current. Frankly, she puts me in mind of Dory from Finding Nemo. She’ll get very excited about something, dig into it with a passion, and then promptly forget about it 10 minutes later, so don’t be discouraged if she seemed very into an activity and then drops off in the middle of it.


Despite this, I think she’ll be an excellent companion for someone who needs to stop hyperfocusing and instead find joy in the little things again. She’s very high spirits, very high energy, and you’ll find her enthusiasm to be infectious.


Some of their abilities include: Deity connection (Loki) and improved perception of Immortal energies, improved foresight, wisdom, intuition, cunning, and trickery; teach the art of deception and illusion; opening your eyes and mind to know truth from fiction; how to utilize your wit for selfish gain, if you wish to go that route; ritual magic. Helping keeper let go of inhibitions and improve sense of humor/find joy and cheer. Minor aportation abilities. Dreamwork, dream walking, dream manifestations.


A message to their future keeper: “I’m so looking forward to meeting you! I’m going to kick your rear into gear! Let’s get you out of the chair and out the door, facing the world, and having fun again!”


Note: All preconjures come bound to a vessel (which requires you ensure you give me the right mailing address during checkout).  If you'd like to select a premium vessel, please either contact me to send an invoice or add it to your cart prior to checkout. A complete companion write-up document will be sent as a PDF via email.

Preconjure - Loki's Fox of Cunning (O.)

  • Beings with dark arts energy can be overwhelming to those who are not ready to experience them. Side effects of dark arts companions can include headaches, nausea, flu-like symptoms, nightmares, a feeling of being drained, and streaks of bad luck (and while this usually only lasts for a few days or perhaps a week or two at most, it can feel like a lifetime in the moment, and can p