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A. is a charming, unabashed rake with an adventurous streak and winning smile. He’s the type to grab life by the horns and dive into all it has to offer, wanting to experience every nuance and luxury available to him.


A lover of art, theater, and all things theatric, it’s likely you’ll hear him burst into song or some long, passionate monologue while talking to you. He’s fun, funny, charismatic, and, as I’m sure you might imagine, a bit dramatic at times. While he’s hot-blooded and expressive, he’s far from impetuous and actually quite calculating, so even though he’s a big fan of adventure, he’s also a fan of preparation and planning. The only things he’s impulsive about are song, dance, and (alcoholic) drinking.


With all that said, he’s rakish, sensuous, and quite on the frisky side. Share a bit of chocolate, burn a bit of cinnamon incense, and light a red candle—then you’ll see this bad boy excited to woo you and show you what adventures with him are really like.


Some of their abilities include: Protection, wards, organization, teach magic, teach prestidigitation, teach sleight of hand, teach acting, astral travel, business and economic/financial guidance, gardening advice around beer and alcoholic ingredients, shadow manipulation, energy work, energetic vampirism, sharing extra energy, improved concentration, sexual stimulation, increased libido, seduction, courage, self-esteem, youth, vitality, stealth, justice, hypnotism, persuasion, etc.


A message from E. to their future keeper: “I’m fun, flirty, and real. A real heart beats under this frilly shirt. I like to tease, yes, but don’t go breaking my heart just because you know my weakness. Cinnamon and chocolate might get my motor going, but I want to know who you are, deep down, and why you fear to be intimate outside this sweet dream of my touch. Maybe we can work on some self-esteem issues together. You’re beautiful, inside and out, and it’s my job to help you see it. I can’t help it if I want to sex you up along the way.”


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Preconjure - Sanguine Vampire (A.)

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