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** Note: This deck contains foul language, and is mostly intended for any advice to be taken with a dash of humor.


As the publisher describes it:


"REBEL DECK messages are QUICK, DIRTY, and DIRECT. We gave the ancient art of divination a modern makeover and added a little insult to insight."


This deck is rebellious, foul-mouthed and raw. Ask the cards what you need to know RIGHT NOW. These messages will tell it like it is--no interpretation needed."


As the description states, no interpretation is needed, so this reading is strictly for a single card to be drawn and a photo sent to you of what it says. It's meant strictly for a fun (and perhaps a tad salty) twist on the usual daily divination card!



After placing your order please contact me at crashingdownconjures [!at] so I can get some details from you on what kind of answers you are looking for from your reading (even if it's just for kicks) and get a feel for your energy, and then I will proceed with the reading.



Your reading will be sent as two photo images (front and back of the card -- note there is no interpretation included as the cards are self-explanatory) via email within 3 business days of receipt of your email.

Rebel Deck Oracle Single Card Draw

  • My objective is to provide you with clarity and inspiration for moving forward in the situation in which you find yourself. I deliver honesty and reason during difficult times and intuitive wisdom with a sharp insight during times of opportunity.

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