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Note that soulmates and twin flames are two very different creatures; a twin flame comes into our lives to teach us karmic lessons, and they may or may not be with us long term.


They can be volatile and even traumatic, but each twin flame who comes into our lives exists to give us a glimpse into something within ourselves that needs work by showing us the opposite of what is within us (mirroring). When it is good with a twin flame, it is very good. When it is bad, it feels like you (or they) might set the world on fire just to see it burn. It may or may not last, but this relationship is always burning bright and passionate, and exists to provide us with inner growth and soul-deep lessons.


What lessons do you need to learn from your twin flame connection? What do you need to learn in order to grow and reach your full potential in this relationship? This reading provides an in depth look at the mirroring and connection between yourself and your twin flame.


Please keep in mind that we always have free will and choice when it comes to decisions. These messages are not predictions but merely suggestions and guidance. Ultimately you are responsible for your actions and how you choose to apply (or not) the information you receive in this reading.



Your reading will be sent as a PDF document via email within 2 - 5 business days AFTER FEBRUARY 14TH.



After placing your order please contact me at crashingdownconjures [!at] telling me briefly what prompted you to choose this reading (do not give me too many details about your circumstances as I don't want to end up drawing or interpreting with a bias or preconceived notions about you) so that I may get a feel for your energy, and then I will proceed with the reading.

Seasonal Tarot Reading: Twin Flame Life Lessons

  • My objective is to provide you with clarity and inspiration for moving forward in the situation in which you find yourself. I deliver honesty and reason during difficult times and intuitive wisdom with a sharp insight during times of opportunity.


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