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These spells pack a serious punch. While these are designed specifically to help improve manifestation and communication with your spirit/entity companions, you may also find them to have other benefits that will assist you on your spirit keeping journey.


Micro Manifestation Jars: Designed to help with one big project, or with several little ones over time, these tiny spelled jars are easily portable and contain ingredients centered around strengthening spiritual energy, and stimulating spiritual power and psychic awareness. Convenient for an addition to a portable altar or as a little boost to enhance your regular daily workings with your spirit guides. Note that these jars are not intended to last and their efficiency will fade with usage over time.


Moldavite Manifestation Jars: Made to last, these spell jars contain genuine moldavite from the Czech Republic, along with a spell and other ingredients all centered around empowering your metaphysical workings, enhancing the manifestation ability of companions, and seeing your personal gifts and desires materialize. By working with this item, this spell jar may assist you with:
- Cleansing / Repelling Negative Energy
- Opening/Activating Chakras and Removing Blockages
- Stimulating and Accelerating Spiritual Growth
- Spiritual Evolution and Transformation
- Aids and Promotes Spirit Guide Communication
- Astral Travel
- Past Life Regression / Improved Past Life Recall


For greatest effect, these jars should be kept on or near your person when you work with your companions, and stored close to your companion vessels or on your altar when not in use.


Note: If you find the impact of the spell bottle to be too strong, it helps to ground yourself with hematite, smoky quartz, or obsidian.

Spell Jar: Manifestation

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