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These spell jars contain a combination of stones, minerals, and herbs designed to help you with your metaphysical protection needs. Among other ingredients, black tourmaline and silver will neutralize and reflect back any ill intent sent your way. While they can assist to a degree with cleansing any existing negative energy in your space, these are more designed to negate and deflect any newly incoming unwanted energies.


By working with this item, this spell jar may assist you with:

- Warding Off and Reflecting Back Evil and Ill Intent

- Some Cleansing Properties / Lightens the Atmosphere Within a Small Radius Around It

- Repelling Negative Energy and Psychic/Emotional Vampires
- Guards You When Used During Metaphysical Practices/Pursuits

- Defends Your Personal Space

- Adds an Extra Layer of Safety to Your Existing Protective Spells, Spirits, and Items


For greatest effect, these jars should be kept on or near your person when you work with your companions or on other metaphysical pursuits, and stored close to where you sleep when not in use.

Spell Jar: Protection

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