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Metaphysical Work Can Be Confusing -- But My Terms Are Not

Different metaphysical shops may have different terms for their services. I want mine to be crystal clear. However, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

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I also do not service anyone considered a minor (generally under the age of 18), even with parental consent.

By purchasing my services, you acknowledge that you understand and agree that:


  1. You are over the age of 18; and,

  2. (As I am required to state by federal law), anything offered by Crashing’s Conjures is marketed for entertainment and curio purposes only and does not guarantee paranormal experiences. In addition, you acknowledge that you understand and agree that anything purchased from Crashing’s Conjures is not a replacement for professional medical, legal, or psychological help, and does not replace going to see a doctor or other professional caregiver.

Store Policies: About


Vessels Once A Week / Readings Completed In 1 Week or Less

Vessels are shipped via United States Postal Service once a week. This is simply a personal preference on my part to do everything at once, and keep in an orderly schedule. I will send you the tracking number for your package the same day it ships.

NOTE: COVID-19 EXCEPTION - Until the quarantine is officially lifted, my visits to the post office are few and far between. Until it's over, I am not sticking to the once a week schedule. That said, I will ship things as quickly and efficiently as I am able but your patience during this uncertain time is appreciated.

Note that conjuring for reverse adoptions and custom conjures will normally take 2 - 6 weeks for basic conjures, but for certain types of darker arts beings can take up to 8 months for vetting time, depending on the circumstances and type of being conjured. It will not always take this long, but for your safety and mine, I do not cut corners on vetting time when it comes to beings with darker-aligned energy/natures.

Depending on the number of requests pending, readings will be delivered as rapidly as I am able to do them. I understand the feeling of urgency one often has for answers when requesting a reading, and so I will do my best not to keep you waiting long -- but please do be patient.

Store Policies: About


This is a matter of my personal preference.

Thanks to the glory of the internet, I have seen far too many conjurers pour their heart and soul into their work, only to be devastated when someone files a refund request--even after the binding was delivered as promised. As inconvenient as it is, keeping this policy in place provides me as a seller with a greater level of protection against false claims of no delivery when I have proof of a tracking number which states otherwise. While I'm happy to do both a distance bind and a vessel on request, every order of a conjure from my shop includes a vessel for my peace of my mind. Thanks for understanding.

Store Policies: About


Don't panic! I can help.

Replacement vessels only cost you the bare minimum for shipping and materials. You can purchase this listing or, for a premium vessel upgrade, contact me with the name of your conjure and what sort of vessel you'd prefer, your email address to send an invoice, and the current address where you would like a replacement shipped, and I will look up your order and work out a fitting replacement with you.

Store Policies: About


By Making A Purchase From My Store, You Agree to the Following:

By making a purchase of a reading, spelled item, or entity binding, you acknowledge the fact that you are paying for a service and that you cannot receive a refund for this purchase from Crashing Down’s Conjures.

I do not refund spirit bindings because, even though the purchase includes a vessel, you are paying for a service--not a physical being. The service is already completed by the time the binding takes place, which means that I took valuable time out of my schedule to do this service for you. Not only do I find the being, I spend a great deal of time interviewing, vetting, and basically ensuring this companion will be a good fit in every way for whoever purchases the binding. It's my time working on the binding you pay for--not the spirit or vessel.

If you feel that your companion was not a match, your reading was inaccurate/unhelpful, or for any reason are dissatisfied, please contact me to work it out.

Should you purchase a physical item from my shop and it arrives broken (for example, a premium vessel), please contact me and I will work out a replacement or refund.

Store Policies: About
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