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There is an unseen world all around us; gods, spirits, and living entities who all have an interest in human kind. Some wish to learn more about us. Some wish to help us. Some have been with us all our lives, unseen, working in the shadows. While there are those who seek to do harm, spirit keeping allows you to form a relationship with another entity who wants to help you in some way--whether that be your general well being, improving your magickal endeavors, your prosperity, your relationships, your love life, or even just to be a companion, there can be many benefits to having the unseen hand of a spirit or entity in your life.

Bear in mind, once Pandora's box has been opened, this is not easily closed. By having your own companion(s), you will draw the attention of other entities. The more you work with them, and the more you open yourself to them, the more you will come to see how vast this unexplored universe really is, and how there are many of these entities around us at all times.

While some sellers will try to tell you that if you "buy this binding" you'll win the lottery, or you'll be able to seduce anyone who crosses your path, or any number of foolish/unrealistic claims, bear in mind that there are limits to the abilities of these entities. Their astral capabilities may be limitless, but their ability to affect the physical world is limited. While some of them can make changes that will bring you more money, or improve your love life, or help you find opportunities that you otherwise would have missed, don't expect a Ferrari to magically appear in your driveway tomorrow.

What they can do is bring us new energies and revelations, regardless of religious beliefs or lifestyle, and so many benefits that it really can't be understated how much they can help you, even if you can't sense their presence.


A spirit is a being (human, animal, alien, or otherwise) that was once living, but has since passed on. In spirit keeping, the spirits often offered for companionship have a semblance of intelligence and memories of their past. They cannot procreate, and they (usually) cannot learn skills they didn't already know in life, though they can still have desires and often pass on or use their skills to your benefit. They tend to be present at all times as they no longer have the concerns of the living to draw their attention off of you.

A living entity is a being who is still alive on some plane, and will grow old and die at some point, though their reality and the way time passes for them may be very different from our own. They have lives of their own to live. They can continue to learn, grow, and may have families and jobs and duties to attend to when they are not with you. Keep in mind that just because they are alive does not mean they are going to physically teleport into your living room on command, either. They may not always be around, but their presence is often strongly felt when you have their attention. 


If you look at a listing and feel a strong draw toward it, or you can't get an entity whose listing you viewed out of your head, or you keep seeing "signs" that point to this being a match, chances are good that it is a call. There may also be other manifestations if the entity is very interested and wants you to notice them, such as pressure on the third eye, visions, dreams, etc. However, usually this is simply a gut feeling that you have found a prospective companion who is reaching out to you. You can't shake thoughts about them. It feels "right" and makes you want to answer.

The important thing is trusting your own feelings about whether or not the being is interested in you. Bear in mind that some entities may wait patiently for one person to recognize their call, while others may call out to many. Even if a pre-bound entity was one you thought was calling to you, but they ended up going home with someone else, this does not mean you're "bad" at sensing calls. It may only mean that you were not the first to answer.

One other important thing to keep in mind is that you can always say no to a call. Just like relationships with people, you do not have to respond to overtures from entities who make you feel in any way not ready or uncomfortable (though sometimes those relationships can turn out to be the most rewarding).

Just remember: trust your own feelings on this. Asking others to confirm your calling is often doing yourself a disservice. If you lean on others as a crutch to do your communicating for you, then it can be harder on you to learn how to communicate with them on your own. Part of the process of learning how to "hear" them is understanding the emotional impact they can have on you, and learning how to trust your own instincts. 

A simple but powerful lesson: learn to trust yourself. You are capable. You can decide for yourself. You can do this.


Merriam-Webster defines discernment as:

  1. the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure :  skill in discerning

  2. an act of perceiving or discerning something

  3. the ability to see and understand people, things, or situations clearly and intelligently 

Basically, discernment is the ability to know what’s what. This is the skill that helps you know whether you're being scammed or conned. You know that email from some Nigerian prince you never heard of is fake, right? Knowing without having to have someone else tell you that promises of a bigger ding-dong or lower mortgage rate in your inbox are just attempts to scam you is discernment in action.

This skill is also necessary in the metaphysical. One needs to learn how to separate their own opinion, desires, and thoughts from spiritual communications from outside sources. This is also how you know when a practitioner is making unreasonable or outrageous claims, when someone is offering junk jewelry or empty rocks in place of an actual binding, or when what's being offered isn't what you receive. Good discernment skills help you determine whether thoughts are your own or from someone else, as well as the difference between a spirit who wants to help you, and a spirit who is only pretending to want to help you or is masquerading as something else. There will be times when your mind will try to fill in the blanks by presenting thoughts or make connections to "signs" that seem like it might be from an entity; time and experience will teach you to tell the difference. Some people are naturally gifted at this skill, but if you are not, keep in mind it is something that can be learned.

Do your research. Are there reviews available somewhere on this conjurer? Is there any material available on the being offered by the conjurer? Do the interactions and manifestations of your companion seem to match up to what the conjurer and others say it should be? Is the being telling you to do something harmful, acting in a mean spirited way, or doing something against character? Does something that is supposed to have energy or an entity attached seem "empty" to you? Does your gut tell you that something seems "off" about it? Chances are, you are looking at a trickster or a con.

Short of divine intervention, discernment is one of the strongest protections you can have. It is important to continue educating yourself and practicing learning the energies of companions when you delve into the metaphysical. It is not an easy skill to develop, but you can hone it over time and with practice.


As with people, entities have their own individual preferences and things they like--but one offering that is universally loved is when you spend your time with them. Talk to them, meditate with them, invite them to join you when you go places, share your interests and hobbies with them, make things for them, etc. They want your time and attention, often as much as you want theirs. The more you reach out to and include them in your day, even if you can't sense them responding, the stronger your bond with them will become over time.

Candles and incense are also usually universally favored, though certain scents or colors may be preferred by individuals. Other offerings will vary by individual, and will be noted in the companion document you receive from Crashing Conjures. Keep in mind it is often the intention behind the offering more than the offering itself that they appreciate, though some specific beings may have requirements of certain rituals or offerings before they will carry out requests for you or will expect specific things in return for their assistance.


Manifestations will vary depending on the entity, but physical manifestations may occasionally include light touches, audible sounds, streaks of light, orbs, or shadows, or even moving their vessel and other small objects around the home. However, this type of manifestation should not be counted on as, most commonly, they will interact through thoughts, visions, and dreams.

If you are adept at astral projection and out of body experiences, you can expect regular interactions. If not, while meditating, concentrate on reaching out to them and feeling their energy. Ask them to help you sense them.  

You can also communicate through pendulum, runes, divining rods, and even tarot cards--try out different tools to see what works best for you. However, if you want to feel and see them, it is important to remember to practice meditating with them every day, even if only for 10 - 15 minutes.


Patience is a virtue when it comes to metaphysical work. If you are not naturally inclined to be able to sense spiritual energies, then it takes time and practice to reach the level of skill to be able to do so. Don't lose heart! Some people take months or even years to be able to sense their companions. It doesn't mean they aren't there, or that they aren't trying to help you--it just means that you have to work through whatever considerations or blockages you have against being able to sense them. 

It can happen that one projects their own emotions or assumptions on their companions when they are unable to sense them clearly. Most companions choose you because they see something in you they wish to help you with, and they know more about us than you may think. All the dark and dirty little secrets nobody else knows--and they still care about us and make that choice to bond with us, knowing those sometimes dark and twisted things. Some of them only come to be with us for a short period of time, because they have a specific goal in mind. Some of them choose to stay with us for many lifetimes. As with people, it is a relationship, and will grow or fade as much as you both work at it; however, they are far more forgiving of us than you might imagine. Even if you can't feel them, or even if you could before but now you can't, it doesn't mean they've left you--it only means you can't feel them right now. There can be times this will feel frustrating, even after you learn how to sense them (perhaps that frustration stems from not being able to as much as you had hoped)--but that moment when you do feel the connection click into place, you will truly understand the value of their companionship.

Despite what you may have read in novels or seen in Hollywoodized movies and TV shows, there is no "quick fix" in the metaphysical that will make your communication with entities as crystal clear as a telephone conversation. They won't be making objects float or throwing the equivalent of a tantrum by making things move around--properly conjured companions want you to feel safe and comfortable, and are not trained monkeys to dance on command. It takes time, dedication, and work on your part to achieve the goal of seeing, feeling, and hearing them. Try to remember they are there to help you, not to entertain you or "prove" anything about their existence. Spells and companions can assist with the goal of sensing or manifestation, but are no substitute for your own efforts. Don't give up! Just keep at it, and you'll get there.


By making a purchase of a spelled item or entity binding, I acknowledge the fact that I am paying for a service and that I cannot receive a refund for this purchase from Crashing Down’s Conjures. I acknowledge that, as required to state by federal law, anything offered by Crashing’s Conjures is marketed for entertainment and curio purposes only and does not guarantee paranormal experiences. In addition, I acknowledge that anything purchased from Crashing’s Conjures is not a replacement for professional medical, legal, or psychological help, and does not replace going to see a doctor or other professional caregiver.

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