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This stone helps eliminate over-activity, under-activity, blockages and congestion in all of the chakras. It is excellent for balancing yin-yang, and for raising kundalini energy, as it aligns all of the chakras and balances your energetic body.


It encourages creativity, increases inner strength, and clears away mental blocks, apathy, and confusion,brings healing to the hurt inner child, helps to heal ancestral lines, and karmic inheritance. It dissipates feelings of oppression, depression, and despair, while creating tranquility and confidence.It is quite a good crystal to use for depression, particularly when we are energetically and emotionally depleted on all levels.


If used in conjunction with heart chakra work, candle quartz will slowly open and try to balance the heart chakra in a way that brings emotional self-control. It allows us to sit with vulnerability, which is an extremely difficult thing for us to do. This quartz allows us to do this and feel safe, secure, comforted, and more accepting of both the light AND the dark within.


Best for shadow work – select and meditate with this stone if you are trying to see into a dark corner of your inner self, where you have very carefully hidden an evil or harmful though, idea, or plan. If you know you have a dark shadow, and a potential to cause harm or grief to yourself or another, candle quartz will augment and focus your power to find, understand, and contain those impulses. It is a crystal of self-control.


This is a strong stone of manifestation and is associated with psychic abilities and perception, particularly when utilized in past-life work/Akashic records, karmic patterns, subconscious exploration, and dreams. Stimulates the heart, third eye, and the throat chakras.


*Note: If the terminations at the bottom of the crystal are well defined and gathered solely at the base of the crystal, then this is called an Abundance Crystal, bringing all forms of prosperity to our life.

Candle Quartz / Pineapple Quartz / Atlantean Lovestar