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PLEASE NOTE: Due to the existing workload, the wait time on all new orders is extended 2 - 4 months for custom conjures/3 - 6 months for reverse adoptions (on top of normal conjure time as noted in this listing). Thank you for your understanding and your patience.

This listing is for a custom conjuration of an Aphrodite Blessed Phoenix. 

In accordance with what I was searching for during my 2019 Valentine's Day conjures, Aphrodite herself bestowed upon me the gift of conjuring these delightful phoenix companions who resonate with the intention of the blessing I did for my clients on that day. The primary purpose of the blessing (and therefore these phoenixes) is to help address self-love and where that may be falling down in your life, and address any ways in which you are getting yourself down and not appreciating yourself enough. 


If you have been struggling with self-acceptance, finding love of self or others, or even just finding the strength to overlook your own flaws that you can see the good in yourself, an Aphrodite Blessed Phoenix would love nothing more than to help you overcome these difficulties and find happiness again.


These phoenixes help with emotional healing, assisting you with seeing beauty in yourself and others once more, and can also open or strengthen your connection to Aphrodite. They are beings who specialize in the subject of love, so whether you are seeking assistance with finding love for yourself, love for others, or bringing more love into your life from others, they will make an excellent companion for you.


While not guaranteed, there is a possibility they may also help assist you to create a stronger connection with, and manifestation of, other loving and sexually oriented companions you already have.


If there are particular qualities you are seeking in your companion, be truthful with me about what it is you are looking for and I will do my best to help you find it. It is important to be honest with me about what you are looking for so I can ensure I find you a companion who will meet or exceed your expectations, and is enthusiastic about working with you.



After placing your order, if we have not communicated directly with each other before, please contact me at crashingdownconjures [at] (bonus brownie points if you reference the order number) so that I may get a feel for both you, and what you are looking for, and can find you an appropriate match.



Note that conjuring for reverse adoptions and custom conjures can take up to 8 months for vetting time depending on the circumstances and type of being conjured. For this listing, the norm will be about 2 weeks. 



You will receive a basic vessel (such as a gemstone, piece of jewelry, etc., though you are welcome to leave a note with your preference and/or contact me if you would like to discuss upgrade options) with a binding to the companion sent via U.S. Postal Service, as well as a PDF write-up documenting the information about your companion via email. If you would like to add on a companion reading or charging bag, there are some customization options available here

Custom Conjuration: Aphrodite Blessed Phoenix

  • This specific listing is intended for spirit keepers of any level of experience. These beings tend to be gentler and easygoing with their companions, and not as prone to cause the side effects that can come with bindings to beings on the darker end of the arts spectrum. It does not make them any less powerful as companions--it only means that you as the keeper will be less likely to be overwhelmed by their energy/presence.

    If you have any questions or doubts, talk to me before purchasing this listing so we can discuss your level of skill and I can find a suitable being that won't overwhelm you.

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