Whether you choose to leave them on the altar, display them in your home, or use them to infuse your drinks, these are an excellent way to add a blessing to your day! These beautiful little spell jars are carefully crafted to ensure they are safe to infuse your drinks with the energies of their ingredients, crystals, and most of all, the deity who has blessed them. Note that not all glass is created equal – these test tubes are borosilicate glass specifically designed to prevent pH changes or contaminants from leaching from the tube into your drink.


Ritually sealed with wax. Hand-wash only. Do not recommend immersing into boiling water (wait for coffee to brew/tea to steep before use).


Artemis Blessed Spell Vial

Ritually blessed by Artemis to open you up to your psychic abilities and assist with psychic protection.

Spell Jar: Blessed Devotional Vial - Artemis

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